The stories of A Whole New World The Legends of Samoa

It all started in the beginning. Yes the beginning…. in the faraway lands of Samoa. Falefatu voice sensation drizzled in echoes over the seas and oceans in early years. Then there was a calling for his return to his native land. A life purpose to  share treasures a Whole new world with the enchanting  wisdom from the islands of Samoa


Meet the Founder of a #AWHOLENEW WORLD.


Reverend Falefatu Enari  – The Singing Reverend of Samoa’s mission with a vision

In the demanding but rewarding life and times of Samoa Islands Reverend Falefatu Enari was a calling at the age of 18 to the centre stage.

The rhythmic tunes of his soul enraptured audiences on land and sea.

The tides of his vocal waves flowed him to foreign lands as a cruise ship troubadour and a club singer.

From cosy clubs of  Hawai’i to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

From dusk to dawn.

He thrilled audiences evoking echoes of applause with his semi baritone vocals.

His enchanting soul sounds from the islands of Samoa seeded the growth of television and stage audiences in Australia, Las Vegas and New Zealand.

God moves in mysterious ways and there was a  soul calling for the Reverend back to the Islands of Samoa, his native land.  

The sweat that trickled down his forehead was no longer about thoughts of daily life strains, but from the sea breeze on the islands off Samoa as he visualized  world life pathways of the future.

This time to entertain a very different universal audience

On returning to Samoa, the highly successful  singer, actor and all round entertainer became ordained as a Reverend

Graduating from 4 years of study at the Malua Theological seminary, Rev served as an ordained minister in a large village parish.


A Whole New World – Samoa’s Singing reverends mission with a vision


Rev’s vision is about spreading the ‘ happy-go-lucky’ wisdom of Polynesia out to the world.

Especially the shakers and game changers that make things happen…….the corporate world.

If the mindset of the corporate world go-getters are paved into positive pathways to make money, then all have made inroads into their mindsets………this is the very place to infiltrate.


Rev’s Vision through the Art of Storytelling

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Stories are ways in which we find meaning, in our lives, in our work

Fairytales like Aladdin and Cinderella are well known and marketed all over the world,but many cultures have stories of deep insight not well known.

One of those cultures is Oceania – especially the island nations of Polynesia. Until Disney’s ‘Moana’ burst onto the cinema screens in 2016, Polynesia was not a place much known by anyone outside parts of Oceania.

“In this project, I retell traditional Samoan and Polynesian legends for children and parents to enjoy together (as well as anyone else who just loves a good story.  At the same time as bringing these little-known tales to a wider audience, I am seeking to restore a sense of pride and ownership in Samoan heritage”

With a life journey embracing a diverse connection to the pressured western world and the more relaxed approach to life found in Samoa,  he is now ready to share the lessons of those legends.

Their relaxed, yet effective, approach can help bring a new style of productivity and creativity to business dilemmas and decisions, in a series of stories, podcasts and presentations.

While we may not always realise it, we’re all, always, seeking; and my philosophy is that spirituality, sustainability, and modern business methods don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Connect with these legend stories enticing a whole new point of view…..Join the celebratory journey, embracing pride and ownership of the rich heritage flowing from Islands of Samoa and explore #AWholeNewWorld





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